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Gastric Sleeve

  • 3 Nights Hospitalitation
  • 1 Night Hotel Stay
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  • All Medications
  • Protein Shakes for 15 days

Gastric By-Pass

  • 4 Nights Hospitalitation
  • 3 Nights Hotel Stay
  • Airport-Hotel-Hospital Transfer
  • All Medications
  • Protein Shakes for 15 days

Gastric Balloon

  • 3 Night Hotel Stay
  • Airport-Hotel-Hospital Transfer
  • All Medications

Frequently Asked Questions

Gastric Sleeve surgery, also known as sleeve gastrectomy, represents a surgical approach to weight loss that is particularly beneficial for individuals with a BMI exceeding 30. This minimally invasive procedure involves skilled surgeons making four small incisions in your abdominal area to access the stomach laparoscopically. In a highly controlled and well-tolerated surgical environment, approximately three-quarters of the stomach is carefully removed, leaving behind a smaller, sleeve-shaped portion. This surgical technique aims to reduce the stomach’s capacity, promoting a sense of fullness with smaller food quantities and ultimately aiding in weight loss.

In the realm of diabetes management, medical experts strongly recommend a thorough battery of preoperative tests as an invaluable step in the journey towards surgical intervention. These tests serve as a crucial tool for identifying which diabetes patients stand to benefit most from surgical treatment modalities. The discernment offered by these preoperative assessments not only holds the potential to alleviate the substantial burden of diabetes-related complications for these individuals but also paves the way for a more precise and tailored approach to their surgical treatment.

By delving into the specifics of each patient’s condition, these tests grant healthcare professionals a deeper insight into their unique requirements and challenges. This level of individualized understanding is instrumental in shaping the most appropriate and effective treatment strategies for each patient.

Ultimately, these preoperative tests play an indispensable role in the quest to determine the optimal course of action for diabetes patients. They ensure that every individual receives the specialized care and support necessary to effectively manage their diabetes-related concerns and, in turn, experience the relief and improved quality of life they deserve.

Upon the successful completion of the surgical procedure, our patients experience a swift reclamation of their independence, often within a mere four hours. This rapid progression empowers them to resume control of their daily activities and self-care. They can effortlessly undertake basic tasks like using the restroom, dressing themselves, and partaking in meals without the need for external assistance.

Furthermore, the transition back to their normal routines is expedited, with many patients able to promptly return to work, run errands, or engage in their favorite leisure activities once they leave the hospital. Our dedicated and seasoned medical team is unwavering in their commitment to providing ongoing care and support during the recovery phase. This ensures that our patients not only regain their confidence but also feel entirely at ease with their newfound abilities, facilitating a swift and comfortable recuperation.

At the heart of our approach lies a profound commitment to patient-centric care. We’ve meticulously crafted treatment plans that are tailored to the individual needs and aspirations of each patient, reflecting our unwavering dedication to their well-being and recovery.

If you’ve been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and your body mass index (BMI) exceeds 30 kg/m², along with experiencing symptoms associated with metabolic issues such as elevated cholesterol levels or hypertension, you are eligible to receive comprehensive diabetes treatment.

Dr. Okay KOÇ’s illustrious career boasts a remarkable record of more than 5000 surgeries conducted with extraordinary precision and an exceptional absence of complications. His expertise extends to a wide spectrum of procedures, from intricate operations like transit bipartition to the intricate realm of gastric bypass revisions. What’s truly commendable is the fact that under Dr. KOÇ’s skillful hands, the use of medical materials such as tristaplers, stitches, and sutures during the removal, incisions, and anastomosis processes has led to an unprecedented zero percent mortality rate.

The use of high-quality, reputable brand products has been a cornerstone of Dr. KOÇ’s practice. These meticulously selected materials not only showcase his unwavering commitment to patient safety but also underscore the exceptional standards of care and attention to detail that define his surgical approach. Dr. KOÇ’s impressive track record is a testament to his dedication to both his craft and the well-being of his patients, positioning him as a distinguished figure in the field of surgery.

The impact of gastric sleeve surgery extends far beyond the immediate aftermath, offering lasting and permanent effects. However, the key to ensuring the success and sustainability of weight loss lies in the commitment to embracing a healthier way of life. This encompasses a multifaceted approach, where individuals must not only undergo a transformation in their dietary habits but also maintain a regular exercise regimen.

Crucially, post-surgery follow-up plays a pivotal role in this journey. These periodic check-ins serve as an essential means of tracking various aspects, including nutrition, lifestyle choices, behavioral patterns, and any evolving medical conditions. Such vigilant monitoring is vital in ensuring that individuals continue on the path to better health and sustained weight loss, underscoring the holistic nature of the post-surgery process.

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