Neck Lift

Neck lift surgery offers a transformative solution for individuals seeking to rejuvenate their neck area and achieve a more youthful appearance. This procedure is ideal for those with good skin elasticity and a desire to address concerns such as neck muscle laxity, excess skin, and fat accumulation.

Tailored Neck Lift Techniques

For candidates with excellent skin elasticity, a suction-assisted neck lift technique may be employed, requiring minimal incisions discreetly placed beneath the chin. This technique often includes platysmaplasty, a procedure aimed at tightening neck muscles. In cases of mild or moderate neck skin laxity and platysma muscle banding, a neck lift with platysmaplasty is the chosen approach. If necessary, liposuction or direct fat removal can be performed alongside the neck lift.

For individuals with more pronounced excess skin and laxity, facelift incisions are strategically placed in front and behind the ears. This allows for the removal of excess skin and its careful redraping. Simultaneously, deep tissues and muscles are tightened, resulting in a beautifully defined neck line and a more youthful appearance.

Enhancing Your Profile

In cases where the chin is weak or retrusive, a chin implant may be incorporated into the neck lift procedure. This addition enhances the jawline and neckline, further elevating the overall aesthetic outcome. Your surgeon will determine the most suitable neck lift technique based on your individual needs and goals.

Neck lift surgery in Istanbul is performed in accredited hospitals, ensuring the highest standards of care and safety. The duration of the procedure varies based on the chosen technique. A suction neck lift typically takes about one hour, while a neck lift with platysmaplasty and incisions beneath the chin generally lasts two to three hours. For those opting for a comprehensive neck lift in combination with a facelift, the procedure typically takes four to five hours.

Embark on Your Neck Transformation

Are you ready to rediscover the youthful contours of your neck and boost your self-confidence? Contact us today to explore neck lift surgery further and begin your journey toward a revitalized and more youthful appearance. Your transformation awaits.

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